How to get your Ex Back

Did you just finish a relationship and you want to get your ex back?

Many of us we have been in a situation when we break up a relationship with a loved man or woman and we feel like is the end of the world. We usually feel very emotional and wondering why is happening this situation into our life.

I recommend you to close your eyes, breath and start seeing this situation like a great opportunity to work on yourself.  I know breaking up sucks and the most of your friends will give you the same advice,  just forget your ex and move on. But that’s not always easy, is it?

Sometimes, you want to fight for the relationship. Sometimes you just know deep in your heart that if only you could get another chance with your ex, things would work out.


If there is any way or guide to get your ex back ?

  1. Don’t Be a Needy and Begging person: Begging and pleading makes you look like a needy person. And that is unattractive, very unattractive.
  2. Understand the Break Up: What did each of you do to contribute to the breakup? Most relationship troubles do not crop up unexpected, but build over time. The odds are good that it wasn’t a one-sided problem and that there were signs that it was coming. Take some time and do some soul searching before you attempt to get your ex back. *According to research, the number one cause of the breakup of romantic relationships is failure to communicate.
  3. Unwanted and Unnecessary Affection : Trust me; your ex knows how much you love them. And they also know that “you care for them”, “you want them to be happy”, “that they make you happy”, and “that they complete you”.

    They were in a relationship with you too and they probably care for you too. But that’s not what caused the breakup.

    Your ex doesn’t need to hear all this right now. It’s only going to make them put their defenses up.

  4. Avoid contact for the first month after the break-up. They will call you if they want to talk. If they don’t, nothing you say or wear will change that. Sometimes, ignoring your ex makes them feel like you are perfectly fine without them and are moving on, which is the exact opposite of what they want.

This time off will also help you to distinguish between normal grief after a breakup and a real desire to be with your ex again. Nearly everyone feels sad after a breakup, even if their ex was a jerk and they were truly incompatible. Time alone will help you sort out these feelings.

Hang out with your friends. Throw yourself into work and other extracurricular activities. You don’t want to seem needy or like you are waiting for your ex to contact you again.

  • Researchers have found that people who regain a healthy sense of self post-breakup recover more quickly from relationship-related grief.


I hope these tips help you to be more happy and to get your ex back if this is really your desire.

If you have another idea or advice I will love to know it and to share it with our visitors so please leave it in the comment section.

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